Transformers: Dark of the Moon – A Short Insight

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

If you love Transformers, you’ll love Dark of the Moon (also known as Transformers 3). You’ll know what to expect and you will get it and even more.

Why wouldn’t you join Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) and rest of the team in their adventure? This time there’s a special cargo placed in the space . . . → Read More: Transformers: Dark of the Moon – A Short Insight

Hereafter (2010): A Short Review

Hereafter blu-ray

At first you’ll think that Hereafter is just another sci-fi movie. But dare to see it, try to recognize a message this story sends to us, because it’s about life’s greatest mystery: death. It is great supernatural drama, directed by Clint Eastwood and this could be one of his most ambitious attempts to date.

. . . → Read More: Hereafter (2010): A Short Review

The Fighter (2010) on Blu-ray

The Fighter 2010

The Fighter (click here to get it from is a sports drama (directed by David O. Russell), true-life story about professional boxer-to-be “Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), and his relationship with his troubled brother Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale). This is a highly entertaining boxing movie and yes, it follows the formula, but even . . . → Read More: The Fighter (2010) on Blu-ray

Blu-ray Sales On The Rise

After a not-so-good launch, Blu-ray is finally gaining some interest from weary consumers. With Blu-ray player prices dropping, and more films becoming available on the format, consumers are starting to accept the successor of the very popular DVD. While it still lags behind the “old” DVD format, sales are climbing. The Dark Knight is . . . → Read More: Blu-ray Sales On The Rise

Blu-ray Wins The War

After winning many of the Format War’s battles, it was pretty obvious that Blu-ray would win the war eventually. It was merely a matter of time, when would Toshiba give up? A few days ago they finally did. Having seen major movie studios rally behind Blu-ray, and then huge retail shops, the decision was . . . → Read More: Blu-ray Wins The War

End of Format War near?

With Warner Brothers decision to now exclusively support the Blu-ray format, is the format war coming to an end? According to Toshiba, which is the major supporter of HD-DVD, the war isn’t over just yet. Sales figures and consumer reports all point to a clear win for Blu-ray, however. Toshiba will be introducing heavily . . . → Read More: End of Format War near?

Blu-ray movies and extra features

With many movies now being released on Blu-ray it didn’t take long before reviews popped up all over the Internet. Besides reviewing the actual movie, the special features of the Blu-ray disc are also reviewed. I’ve been rather sceptical about claims of fantastic special features being possible on Blu-ray. Sure they are possible, but . . . → Read More: Blu-ray movies and extra features

Movie “300″ topping sales lists

Action movie “300″ keeps on topping Blu-Ray and HD-DVD sales list. It only joined the top selling titles club in August, joining “Superman Returns”, “Planet Earth – The Complete BBC series”, “Happy Feet”, “The Departed”, and “Batman Begins”. Warner Home Video ties the success of the title’s sales to it’s release on both Blu-Ray . . . → Read More: Movie “300″ topping sales lists

Pioneer BDP-LX70A Player

Pioneer is presenting their BDP-LX70A player as the ultimate solution for high definition audio and video. The player plays movies as the filmmakers intented, at 24 frames per second, and 24 khz audio playback. It’s DNLA-compatible through an ethernet connection, allowing playback of files such as WAV and WMA movies. The player will be . . . → Read More: Pioneer BDP-LX70A Player

Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation now support HD DVD

An internet user posted the right question: “When will you guys make up your minds?”. The consumer is becoming more confused by the hour with different companies backing different HD formats, and then some companies changing their mind. Paramount has dropped it’s support for Blu-Ray and is now backing a different horse, HD DVD. . . . → Read More: Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation now support HD DVD